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It is important to have regular exams with a dental professional, especially if you notice any changes in your dental or oral health. The oral cavity usually has a smooth surface and pink tone, so changes to this can signify serious problems, including oral cancer.

If you have noticed any of the following, please come in for an oral pathology exam in Wilmington, North Carolina.

  • Red or white patches
  • Lumps or dense, uneven tissue inside the oral cavity
  • An open, persistent, bleeding sore
  • A sore, scratchy throat that makes it difficult to swallow food

Any alterations or changes in the appearance can signify cancerous tissue. However, some patients may not exhibit any outward symptoms, merely experiencing pain throughout the mouth or face with no obvious source. If you have any pain or changes in the appearance of your cheeks, gums, lips, oral palate, tongue, face or neck, contact us at 910-509-1422. To find out the source of these symptoms, you can schedule to meet with Dr. Brady J. Semmel by calling 910-509-1422.

To keep on top of your oral health, pay attention to your body. Your oral health can serve as a warning sign for broader issues, so you should perform a self-examination each month. Self-checks along with visits to our oral surgeon at Semmel Oral and Facial Surgery can help keep your smile healthy.


Map Icon1422 Commonwealth Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403