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Impaction happens when a tooth cannot properly erupt from the gum tissue. While this commonly happens with wisdom teeth or third molars, any tooth can become “stuck” underneath the gumline. Over time, impacted teeth can cause a wide range of issues. To prevent infections and other problems, come to Semmel Oral and Facial Surgery for treatment.

The common treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is removal. However, another tooth commonly affected by this condition is the upper maxillary cuspid. This is usually the final “front” tooth to develop, appearing in your early teens. It can emerge on either side of the upper or lower jaw and can end up pushing down on the neighboring teeth. Dr. Brady J. Semmel can provide treatment to expose the tooth and help it move into position.

Early Recognition and Treatment

As patients age, an impacted tooth is less likely to erupt without treatment. Even if there is sufficient space for teeth to emerge, an exposure procedure might be needed. Dental professionals can provide X-rays and examination to determine if this is necessary.

You may require treatment from our oral surgeon if adult or primary teeth are preventing the proper emergence of teeth. We can also check and remove abnormal growths or extra teeth.

Chance of success by age:

11-12 years: If there is sufficient open space for emergence, there is a high degree of success.

13-14 years: The tooth will likely not erupt, even if there is space.

Over the age of 40: It is likely that this tooth is fused in place and can only be extracted and replaced through a restoration treatment.

What are the options for treatment when there is space available and the tooth still does not erupt?

Our oral surgeon can work with your orthodontist to find a way to treat impacted teeth. Our office will expose the tooth and attach a bracket for treatment.

With an impacted tooth, our office strives to move the tooth into position rather than extract it. Additional gum surgery may be recommended after the tooth has been moved into the proper position.

Exposure Surgery

Treatment for impacted teeth can be performed within our oral surgery practice. To help ensure the comfort and safety of our patients, our office will administer local anesthesia along with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or, in some cases, IV sedation. If a bracket needs to be attached to the tooth, exposure may take longer. Any potential issues can be gone over during your consultation.

To learn more about this procedure or to schedule a tooth extraction in Wilmington, North Carolina, phone our office at 910-509-1422.


Map Icon1422 Commonwealth Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403