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Depending on the treatment and the individual, our oral surgeon may recommend one of several anesthesia options. For full information on the options provided by Semmel Oral and Facial Surgery, call 910-509-1422. Dr. Brady J. Semmel and our team have completed extensive training in order to properly administer anesthesia to patients.

In order to monitor and give a patient general anesthesia, a doctor must undergo a three-month training program in a hospital setting. Once this has been completed, they then go through an in-office evaluation. This is administered by a professional that has been appointed by the state dental board. During this examination, the appointee will monitor and inspect both the administration of anesthesia and the devices used by the doctor. If the doctor passes inspections, a license is issued, which can be renewed every two years.

Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation helps our patients stay calm throughout their procedure. Also known as “twilight sedation,” it helps relax patients and prevent them from feeling discomfort. While some patients fall asleep during this treatment, some will stay semi-conscious throughout the procedure.

Our oral surgeon can monitor you throughout your IV treatment, reducing cost and eliminating the need to be treated out of the office.

How Is Intravenous Sedation Administered?

IV sedation treatment first starts by inserting a thin needle into the veins of the hand or the arm. Through this needle, IV medication will be administered. Our office will monitor you throughout the treatment to make sure you achieve the proper level of sedation.

At our practice, we strive to use as little IV medication as possible through an intravenous “drip.” This allows the treatment to be much safer than oral sedation. However, at any time, our office can reverse IV sedation’s effects. Our office is also able to provide alternative methods or “levels” of sedation. Simply call 910-509-1422 and ask about our office’s options for anesthesia in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Before IV Anesthesia Sedation

  • Refrain from drinking or eating before your appointment for at least six hours.
  • Avoid smoking in the 12 hours before your procedure.
  • Have an adult accompany and drive you home after your procedure. (Avoid driving or operating machinery the day of and after your appointment.)
  • Put on comfortable, loose clothing and footwear to wear to your appointment
  • If you are suffering from any illness, it may be necessary to reschedule. Contact our office to find out more.
  • Before your appointment, consult with our oral surgeon for instructions on whether to discontinue any of your regular medications.

Map Icon1422 Commonwealth Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403