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Cone Beam CT Scan

When patients have potential issues, Dr. Brady J. Semmel uses modern technology and techniques to get them great, effective care. The cone beam imaging system allows our oral surgeon to diagnose and examine patients more accurately. This system sets its self apart by providing high-quality, clear images. These digital images are more accurate, and our scanner also lessens radiation exposure.

The cone beam scans help Semmel Oral and Facial Surgery diagnose patients more accurately and get them the treatment they need without additional appointments. Our oral surgeon can direct the scanner to examine a targeted area, so there is less exposure to radiation during your appointment.

As our office uses 3D scanning and other technology, we can provide better care for our patients. With this system, our oral surgeon has access to detailed images that help him diagnose each patient. Every mouth is different and needs customized care. By coming in and receiving early diagnosis, patients can learn more about potential treatments. Images can also be shared with other health care providers. By collaborating with other professionals, our oral surgeon can improve your treatment and results. Call 910-509-1422 if you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation. Come in to our office and ask how CT scans in Wilmington, North Carolina, can help you!


Map Icon1422 Commonwealth Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403